Who framed Roger Troutman???

14 12 2007

check out this rant about how T Pain ruined hip hop.

I pretty much agree. Roger Troutman was the “king of the voice box” and T Pain’s use of the same effect is a pathetic knock off!!! His popularity will soon fade as most trends do!! I’m tired of hearing him on da hook of every new pop song. I think Nate Dogg was the only cat that really made a career out of singing hooks. LBC represent!!!



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23 06 2008
Disco D

I’m not a fan of T-Pain at all but, I have to disagree with the ‘rip-off’ comment. Let’s get me explain…

Roger Troutman (Zapp), Teddy Riley, and – long before all of them – David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) used a TALKBOX (tube in mouth)

Herbie Hancock, Beastie Boys, Laurie Anderson, Afrika Bambataa & The Soul Sonic Force, and – long before all of them – Kraftwerk, used a VOCODER

T-Pain, Snoop Dogg (Sexual Eruption), Kanye West, Madonna, and – long before everyone used it as an EFFECT – Cher (Believe) used AUTO-TUNE.

The latter is a hardware or software device originally devised by Antares, used by Producers/Mix Engineers to “correct” a singers’ pitch (when singing slightly out of tune). When the ‘effect’ is used smoothly it is almost transparent. If it is used badly (these days, deliberately!) it creates an in-human ‘glitching’ sound. T-Pain merely used this device as a signature sound for himself. Such is the fashion these days, everyone seems to be doing it now!

Make no mistake though that, while similar-sounding (to the un-trained ear) to that of the VOCODER and TALKBOX, AUTO-TUNE (or, other variations, such as Celemony’s Melodyne or Yamaha’s PitchFIx) is actually neither. It has it’s OWN SOUND.

Dows this make T-Pain “unique” – not really. Although, to give him credit, when anyone here’s that effect now, they think of him. But, that’s because he is prolific and thus, has made or featured on a lot of hit records.

Rest assured, Mr Troutman will not be turning in his grave He may, however, have a boogie!

Now you know 🙂

13 08 2008

thanks for the musical lesson disco d!!!

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