r these kids cool???

21 12 2007

So these guys were supposed to open up for the MIA show i went to a couple months ago but didn’t show up. Did a search and saw some of their vids and was able to track down their EP:<a href=”http://rs175.rapidshare.com/files/66338625/The_Cool_Kids_-_Totally_Flossed_Out_EP-1rN.rar
“> Totally Flossed Out. I guess its been out for about 5-6 months. They’re on a throwback steez but I guess that’s the “hip” thing now…But are they any good or just a bunch of hipster rappers??? Tell me wut u think???



One response

15 03 2008
Tigera Consciente

cute.. that’s all i can say… i kinda like the throwback style…

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