Kaygee Samples V2

28 01 2008

The Samples

Volume two

Milk Crate Breaks 2007

Here are the tracks included for volume two

Kurtis Blow
christmas rappin
(used for Next’s too close)

Willie Hutch
I choose you
(used for Jaheim’s The Chosen one)

Mellow mellow right on
(used for Zhane’s so badd)

Lafayette afro rock band
(Used for Naughty by nature’s everything’s gonna be alright)

Les McAnn
Morning song
(Used for naughty by nature’s dirt all by my lonely)

The Delfonics
Trying to make a fool of me
(used for Urban mystic’s My block)

Gwen Guthrie
Seventh heaven
(used for Faith Evan’s Goodlife)

Vicki Anderson
Land of milk & honey
(used for Naughty By Natures poor man’s poetry)

Melvin Bliss
Synthetic subsitution
(used for naughty by nature’s O.P.P)

Oliver Cheatham
Get down saturday night
(used for Ideal’s Whatever)

Billy Davis & Marilyn McCoo
Nothing can stop me
(used for Jaheim’s could it be)

The Fantastic four
Alvin stone (the birth & death of a gangster)
(used for jaheim’s diamond in da ruff)

Sylvia Striplin
You can’t turn me away
(used for naughty by nature’s hip hop hurray)

The Crusaders
message from the inner city
(used for queen latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y)

Waiting for your Love
(used for shade sheist’s where i wanna be)




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