13 08 2008

Dayam!!! If I had any readers at all, I probably lost them. You probably clicked over here once and thought “ok” he got some interesting stuff up. And when you clicked over again, you thought “shit, this lazy fool doesn’t update for shieeeeeeeeet!” I will try to do a better job of updates (don’t hold me to it though). Initially, I just wanted to post music but I will expand it. No need for static. If you are out there reading, hit me back with a comment or two so that I’m not blogging for ghosts! I’d like to know that someone out there is actually reading this. So here’s a treat for checkin’ in witcha boy!

A leaked joint from Big Boi of Outkast feat. his partner Andre and Raekwon “The Chef”. Ah, sounds like some good ole 90’s rap but made in 2008.

REMEMBER: “Its ezier to run the streets than walk in the sand”. -Andre 3000



One response

13 08 2008

Homie back in the building, yeah we back in the block. Good to See the updates.

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