RE:fresh| SAT. Sept. 6 @ DBA Lounge in Pomona

2 09 2008

Wut up folks!!!! Most of y’all know I’ve been out of the DJing loop for a minute so it’s only on these rare occasions that you can catch me rocking a set. The homies JB (Mic & Dim Lights) and MikeStyles (Thought Clouds) have recently started a Soul/Hip Hop/ World nite in the Arts Colony of Pomona and asked me to be their guest DJ. The venue is called the DBA 256 Gallery & Wine Bar.

I was out there this last Saturday and although it was pretty dead, I was impressed of its potential to be something dope. The venue is nice…doesn’t feel like your typical bar or club because its neither really. All I can say is it feels kinda like going to an art opening except its not opening nite and we aren’t neccesarily endorsing the art. Anywho, I know that Pomona is outta the way for most but I encourage you to come this Saturday and have a glass of wine instead of your usual long island or mixed drink. We will also celebrate Liza’s b-day that nite!!!


Every 1st/3rd/5th Saturday

DBA Lounge

256 S. Main St.

Pomona, CA 91766



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