8 10 2008

This past summer my partner taught an intersession course (which she renamed “sistersession”) for the high school she works at. The course was entitled “Sheroes and Womyn Warriors”. Some of the objectives of the course was to expose young womyn to herstories of powerfull womyn past and present as well as redefining and deconstructing gender. This mix was done as a gift to give to all of the womyn in the class to counter all of the sexist, misogynist, and other “ists” that dominate pop culture. My goal was to compile songs by female artists (the only exception is Cee Lo singing the hook w/ Kelis) whose songs send positive messages of self love and affirmation. I hope you will agree as Rhian Benson’s lyrics start off….

Young girl
You’re a pearl
What are you crying for?
There’s always been something
To hang on your head
But maybe you can’t take anymore

Young girl
It’s your world
Don’t be afraid of the fight
There’ll always be someone
Pushing and shoving
Trying to steal your light.


Last but not least, thanks to Roots who supplied the cover art…

CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD!!! (its a big file so it may take a minute but…its worth the wait!)



2 responses

29 10 2008

Song 19 is corrupted.

29 10 2008

fo rel…thanks 4 the heads up…lemme check n re-up it.

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