15 12 2008

So my friend Emily who I recently reconnected with this last month had suggested we should do something that would allow me to share music with folks. She opened up her space and we threw a good old fashioned boogie down house party. She also created the cool flyer below. Did you notice that the zig zag man is santa claus???

holiday-partySorry I don’t have any pics to share but I’ll describe it best as I can. We had a turnout of about 50 ppl. Her spot is an old storefront so it has the feel of a loft. We cleared out all her stuff to one side and pretty much had a nice open floor. We also had access to the back parking lot which is also a part of the laundrymat on the adjacent corner. Music wise, I was able to unleash my boogie funk set, which if you refer to my previous posts you’ll see what I mean. The dopest moment came when we switched it up to play a Khmer (Cambodian) song. The song that I played is actually a tune that put Khmer rock music on the radar. The group calls themselves Dengue Fever, which is really a malaria like disease carried by mosquitoes.

Listening to the band however, won’t give you the disease but hopefully you will catch some kind of “fever”…and maybe spark your interest in Khmer music or give you a mainstream example of how it sounds. 

For more info on the band: READ THIS!!!




DENGUE FEVER – SNI BONG (pay attention to the last verse..sounds like she’s emceeing)

If you’re not a Khmer person from Long Beach, you might not understand the “dragon house” referenced in the album title. Basically this is a spot where older/elder Khmer folx like to party down at and also this is the place where lead singer of Dengue Fever, Chhom Nimol was “discovered”.



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