24 04 2009
Repost from Mass Movement TV…..
folks are always asking me “where all the JA’s in hip-hop at?”, the answer…fatgums! the highly anticipated fatgums and bambu collabo is finally gonna drop next week! ever since the duo showcased their chemistry on bam’s latest album “exact change”, rumors of an exclusive ep have been brewing. medical student by day and producer by night, fatgums has created a distinct, soulful sound to cure the t-painful auto-tune plague. a long-time bambu fan himself, gums told me that this project has been a dream come true.

*just a little known fact, the first time these two collaborated was on this track created for my film pilgrimage:
Bambu – “Pilgrimage Song” (Produced by Fatgums) DOWNLOAD

the early copy of a peaceful riot has been playing in my ipod non-stop. in addition to being musically and lyrically sharp, the ep provides an arsenal of songs that speak to multiple emotions and memories in my head. whether it be learning to communicate better with your partner (“listen”), rage over the murder of oscar grant (“gunslinger II”), hustling to survive as an independent artist (“peddlin’ music”), or trying to justify a clothes fetish (“good clothes”), this album is definitely something i, and a lot of other folks, can relate to.

here’s my favorite track off the ep:
Fatgums X Bambu – “Peddlin’ Music” DOWNLOAD

don’t miss the release party going down at the beatrock store next week. besides a ridiculous line-up of performances, there will be an artshow AND the premiere of the park’s finest BBQ rig, whaaaaat!



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